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What is Kick Power   (Features) ?
1.Interactive Striking Products with instantly on-hit effect.
2.Serve up for majority of the martial arts activities. Such like Boxing,Karate,MuayThai,Taekwondo.etc.
3.Up to four runing modes.Provides a different set of skillset and fun challenge.
4.Bluetooth available for PC.Tablet.Laptop.
5.Ability to delivers the most effective work out.
6.Builds self-confidence. relieves stress.
 How to use Kick Power?

Power Mode:
Power mode valuates user’s ability of blow without time and hitting place limit.power mode will not stop until the user press the end button. Power mode systematically and mathematically  toning body. Listed of calculated statistics. Attack Wtight (kg). Power(w). Attack speed (km/h) duration (Δt (s)).Breaking down step by step toward your body’s improvement. For every 5 punch. There is a stat analysis will be appear at the display board.

Speed Mode:
Speed mode valuates successive attack within a limited time. Time has been set as 10 seconds for one round. The primary focus on of the speed mode is to tackle the attack speed and reaction speed. System immediately shows up a well-rounded stat analyze chart after finished every 10 second round.

Reaction Mode:
Reaction mode valuates reaction time during user’s vision reacted to body action. After all limited rounds will end by itself. Ten different number will be appearing during every round. combined the visual and auditory response. needs to hit the right target at the limited amount of times. Totally nine the level getting more higher. The punching time getting more shorter.
(There is two second set by level one.0.6 second at level nine. Not accounted overtime)stat chart will be show up after every round.

Match Mode:
Match mode valuates user’s ability of combat. Electronic indicator board will be appear one of the hitting pad numbers for each time. Match mode had been combined the previously mentioned three modes.(nine level. Higher level required the shorter uptime and larger amount of target that have been choose it. )


Influence of Kick Power


 Q.Why strike tranining?
A: Strike training improves every type of physical capacity: strength, power, coordination.
Q:It is complicate to use this equip?
A:No. You press two button.Then.there you are.
Q:What type of activity suit for this equip?
A:Lots of. Boxing,Karate,Taekwondo.MuayThai,AIkido.etc.Even usable as a punching dummy.
Q:Some dangerous possibly occur while using this machine?
A:With extra head/foot/hand protector.The answer is no.
Q;What kind of business are you looking for?
A;Profitble and passionate fitness individual and company.

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